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Marja Godvliet

creates Authentic Connections at Events

“I strongly believe that we can overcome burn-outs AND climate change.

The solution lies in restoring the balance between reason and feeling in our work and life.”

Why Authentic Connection

Developments and innovation are moving at the speed of light. The traditional hierarchy that is still in place slows decision making down. Organisations struggle to keep up with the agile start-ups. To survive employees can no longer hide behind the facade of the company. Therefore business ethics are much more important than before.

Professionals must feel confident to take leadership and express themselves authentically.

We are bombarded with an overload of information. People have learned to scan and select their sources fast and quickly. They have developed bulletproof bullshit radars. Only genuine and real stuff makes it through.

Information that connects with people’s emotions. Content that makes them feel alive!

To land a message it is essential that professionals are authentic and congruent in their communication.

My services are all developed to create an environment where people feel comfortable and safe to share themselves. I lead them to a place where they choose honesty over fear. When they feel comfortable they let their guard down. This relaxed state of being supports creating authentic and valuable connections.

Keynotes and presentations inspire people into action.

Connections deliver support and accountability that is essential for transformation. 

3 Tools to create Authentic Connections


Authentic video interviews capture participants experiences and insights. Vlogs connect people to the contributors, the event and its mission.


Events are more valuable when visitors engage with each other. Icebreaker sessions open up the conversation and turn visitors into participants.


Get inspired by real-life stories and examples aimed at more balance at work. The interactive element ensures an optimum follow-through.

Why I ‘Connect & Rise’

15 Years I held desirable jobs. I worked hard and was successful, but I felt disconnected and numb. I was out of balance and heading for a burn-out.

I quit my job, pressed reset and for 3 years I actively explored my purpose, passion and mission. I started to use my intuition to set my course and in the process, I retrieved my lust for life.

Looking back I realise I had brought only one part of me to work: my reason. Now that I express ALL of me, I finally feel joy and fulfilment in work and life.

I support professionals in finding balance in how they work. When we make decisions with our head and heart, we are happier ánd create more sustainable companies in the process.   1+1=11!

Results to Expect

Event participants will go home with an experience and exciting new contacts, not only with a stack of business cards.


Engaging Experience

Fun, interactive and low profile


Open Conversations

Honest and personal 


Meaningful Connections

Heart to heart

I facilitate Authentic Connections at Events, turning creative ideas into concrete implementations.

Authentic Connections at your Event

Meeting the right people often remains a matter of luck and serendipity…The more people find common ground, exchange and connect, the more valuable your event will prove to be.

Technology and tools can help but will not do the job for you. Building great relations is a matter of human interaction. People need a safe, supportive environment and a friendly nudge to get going.

As an event organiser, you want to do everything you can to make great connections happen. Connections are the fuel to come back for more. My session accelerates this process and will make people feel part of your tribe!

In my sessions, I facilitate conversations to create the best business connections at the spot.

Marja Godvliet

creates Authentic Connections at Events

“I would recommend these sessions to anyone who wishes to ease up the conversation between attendees and speakers in a conference or related event.”

Katja Kaurila

Gender Equality Conference 2017

“Marja has created such an amazing way creating new business relationships, it really isn’t an exaggeration to say that it is a paradigm shift in regards to networking.”

Lara Manqui

Owner and Founder at Flourish